Word Thingys: Salome Strangelove

There is a certain artistry that weaves these knots and tangles
The ancient maths and primitive tools we use to calculate our angles
Dangling above dangerous waters where all the dragons be
Clouding into the reflective sky that masks this deep blue sea
Swaying, suspended from the masts, exposed to nests of crows
An albatross bound and listing — let’s just see how far this goes
There are so many traps to trigger — hidden net and oubliette
Should I forget for just one moment I am a performing marionette
Let loose from my satin box, displayed for wit and rarity
My strings all kept in order — it’s impressive, your dexterity
Distracting me from the staging and all the strange devices
Trading on my weaknesses for secret sweets and spices
Intimately teased, even from this deceptive distance
Careful to not disturb any of your paths of least resistance
So I thrash upon these ropes and silken cords and cry absurd
While you evade all my curiosities and steal my golden words
“Relax,” you coax, “…and just enjoy, this lovely way to spend some time.”
Like Darkness mocking Sisyphus about the push and climb
As if this is just a novelty, party favor, passing thing
A finger puzzle, paper hat, a lolly on a ring
A goodie bag filled with little things you just don’t keep
A fling, a tryst, a tango where urges only run skin deep
Disposable or precious — it doesn’t seem to matter once we’re sated
So I’ll retire to my satin box and remain uncomplicated