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About the Show:

“I Have To Tell You Something” was a short lived little mini-podcast featuring two friends trying to stay on track and limit themselves to one geek-cenric topic per week. Subject matter flirted with art, virtual living, technology, gaming, and pretty much anything else that drew our attention. We shot for two to five minute podcasts, but were happy whenever stayed under ten. Salome is inclined to babble and Grace is inclined to smirk. Both of us spent a great many hours on time-out.

“I Have To Tell You Something” episodes are still hosted on PodOmatic until they delete them.


One: A Nation of Seans

Two: Robots Need Love, Too

Three: Colorado Hermit

Four: Dear Esther

Five: Mister Rogers

Six: Mars One

Seven: The Great Syrup Heist

Eight: The Princess and the Cake

Nine: The Loneliest Whale

Ten: I Remember You Well At the Stanley Hotel

Eleven: D&D War Stories

Twelve: The Garden

Thirteen: Gifts

Fourteen: Polly Pistols