Time and Curiosity
Lyndon Heart
Lyrics: Salome Strangelove

I found my dad’s old yearbook under stacks of magazines
Golden eagle on the cover, pages leather-bound in green
I put it in the box of things Momma told me I should take
She’s doin’ alright
Most days

And it’s not that I was hiding
Or thought I could forget
I shoved it to the side
Just wasn’t ready yet
To face the loss of
What I never thought to lose
It was so dark that day

Time and curiosity
He played a Fender just like me

He was gonna be a rock star; gonna take a shot at fame
His eyes so full of dreams that didn’t even know my name
A ticket stub taped beside the photo of a girl
Who wrote “I’ll miss your songs, promise me you’ll never change”

And I wish I could’ve asked him what all the secrets meant
I wish he had told me just where all those dreams went
Did he change his mind, or swallow his regrets?
Were they the best of times — those days?

I’ve got my dad’s old yearbook on the shelf next to my own
The boy I was beside a boy I could not have known
And what I gave up along the way — did he give up along the way?
They fly by so fast
These days

Time and curiosity
He played a Fender just like me

And what we both gave up along the way
Do we all give up along the way
Trading out tomorrows and yesterdays
For todays