Music: Grace McDunnough
Lyrics: Salome Strangelove
& Grace McDunnough


“Hello,” she said,
“I’m a dangerous mess of problems and potential
I’d like to confess some things — you know they’re all quite confidential
Oh, you’ve been sipping on that bourbon for a while
Wanna go some place where we can sin in style?”

“Okay,” I said
“I’m a connoisseur of chaos and catastrophe
So why don’t you get on your knees and I will play the Holy See
‘Cause I’ve been working on this bourbon for a while
Why don’t you try and shock me with that smile?”

So I tossed back my Sazerac
And followed her outside
I don’t recall a single thing
Once she began to spread those wings
Except how it felt to fly
How it felt to fly
And oh, how it felt to fly

I woke up somewhere on the beach
Bathed in foam and ambergris
She marked me down from neck to knee
Left some in paces you can’t see
Oh, her liturgy’s still burned into my skin
Where she unfurled and drew me in

“Hello,” she said,
“I’m a dangerous mess of problems and potential…”