Music: Grace McDunnough
Lyrics: Salome Strangelove
& Grace McDunnough

I found her in the sunshine
I found her in the Spring
She was the girl that had everything

She held out a daisy with one petal plucked
And told me the rest could be mine
Love-me-not daydreams uncounted, abandoned
Tempting and risking young hearts on the line
But I was the tumbleweed, tilted and whirled
And she was the girl that cried for the world

On corn-weary battlefields I’d bayonett spies
She scolded me with her Nightingale eyes
Rag dolls and soldiers; each of them fell
She’s raise them with wishes for all to be well
Yes, I was the fighter, both fists always curled
And she was the girl that cried for the world

Her tiny voice aching and begging for peace
A word I couldn’t whisper and would not repeat
Oh, some of us struggle with things that we feel
And some of us see more than we’ll ever reveal

Awkward and angry, untethered, unbound
I set out to prove what was lost could be found
She went through the motions of what was expected
Obeying authorities I had rejected
Oh, I was the oyster with no room for a pearl
And she was the girl that cried for the world

School yards and playgrounds and corporate walls
A timetable rubric, relapsed and recalled
In the hieroglyph graffiti of my memory
There was only one girl that decrypted the key

Her tiny star fading and losing the light
A warmth I’d never felt and could not ignite
Oh some of us toil and some of us fail
Some of us fight wars and we’ll never prevail

I lost her in shadows
I lost her that Fall
She was the girl in love with them all