Word Thingys: Salome Strangelove

You are so careful not to get lost
At arm’s length at all cost
Check the locks, maintain the clocks,
Watch those windows like a hawk
Mind the paths and metronomes
Take no baggage; bring none home
Tidy Spartan, so prepared, so mise en place
It’s okay — I don’t take up much space

Just a small shift to one side, prop the door a tiny crack
I’ll slip in with the darkness and then find my own way back
You don’t need to surrender, I’m not here to take
Close your eyes, breathe in deep, I’ll be gone before you wake
Until then, I’ll memorize, let kisses fall like butterflies
Whisper all the words you ache to hear like lullabies
I can orchestrate performances of all your favorite songs
While the mood is redolent and the night is oh so long

I’ll come softly, let me in, all the sooner to begin
Territories to explore first without and then within
Keep your treasures and your tokens,
No, your heart will not get broken
I’ll be pliant as as a willow, shed no tears upon your pillow
Leaving only what we sing, taking only what I bring
It’s a sweet enough refrain, if you’ll just entertain
The symphony crescendo, a piacere, adagio
The only witness to it all will be the moon
We can jig and reel till dawn, and then fade like Brigadoon

Oh how we may, and how we might, if you’ll just take a little bite
The fruit is ripe and ready and we’re not made of glass
I can sense you, feel you weakening…

You are so careful not to get lost
At arm’s length at all cost
Staying safe behind those bars of status quo
Fine, you win for now, but I’ll be back again tomorrow
Just so you know…
Just so you know…