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Other Ones, The
Lyndon Heart
Lyrics: Salome Strangelove

I don’t mean to be mysterious
Forgive me the intrigue
All this cloak and dagger
Is a bit out of my league
But won’t you please just hear me out
Before you cut and run
This is hard to say out loud
But, I’m the other woman’s other one

It’s all there in your blank stare
The shimmer and the shine
You held a heart within those eyes
Like I held hers in mine
Sure they both say they’ll end it
But it’s clear they’ve just begun
Take my hand if you need it
I’m the other woman’s other one

I’m not sure if you’ve thought of me
The way I’ve thought of you
In the witching hours of those nights
When you’re left lonesome too
We’ve both cried to the same moon
As it died into the sun
Strangers on the same train
I’m the other woman’s other one

When you’re alone, you’re not alone

I don’t mean to stir the pot
Not here to make you cry
I just had to see your face
And look you in the eye
I’m not sure what I hoped to find
There is no smoking gun
Just thought you might need to know
You’re not the only other one

No, I’m not planning any changes
I’m glad you feel the same
With the cards we’re holding
It’s just a losing game
There’s too much on the table
To see it all undone
We may be down but we’re not out
We’re just the other players other ones

When you’re alone, you’re not alone

Here’s my number, call me anytime
I’m the other one
You’re just like me
The other one
We’re the other ones