Word Thingys: Salome Strangelove

The tinsel’s out of style, the angel’s lost her wings
Half the lights ain’t blinking and I snapped a popcorn string
The candy canes are disappearing faster than I hang ‘em up
Yeah, it’s not even dark yet but we’re already in our cups

The cookies got a little crispy, but Santa won’t complain
He’s too busy swapping twinkle bulbs — trying not to go insane
There’s some debate in session over what to rip into, what to leave
I remind them once upon a time we only got to open one gift on the Eve.

It’s warm inside and cold without, it still feels a little close
Some of us are missing, but we all make the most
No one can remember how Pops used to make his nog
Or the middle verses of half these damn old Christmas songs

“Bring me flesh and bring me wine and bring me” … somethin’…somethin’…
Does anyone even care about that ole King (When-sis) has- been?
What’s a figgy pudding anyway? Whats frankincense? What’s myrrh?
Let’s just have another round of cocoa with that orange cream liqueur

The glitter’s rubbed off from most the stockings — they kinda look the same
But we all seem to know who’s whose, despite the missing names
Jimmy Stewart can’t find Zuzu’s petals, Maureen O’Hara doubts Kris Kringle
We’ve got to get these kids to bed, there’s so much to assemble

Something in these gatherings makes you think about the years
The intrigues and the escapades and all the gaudy souvenirs
These patchwork quilts of memory we stitch together, tear apart
The traditions we let go, and the newer ones we start

I wish you health, I wish you wealth, I wish you joy and cheer
And for those — you know who you are — I wish you were all still here