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Never the Same Girl Twice
Music: Lyndon Heart
Lyrics: Salome Strangelove

She’s the arc of my descent – the light my darkness fears
The bread crumbs I follow home – the youth in all my years
She’s a beacon through my hazy days – the warmest port of call
The encore to my refrain – the bounce that breaks the fall
She’s the first thought on my waking mind, the last before I sleep
The fine print, and the bottom line, and the look before I leap
She’s the seed of inspiration and a steal at any price
And she is never, never, never the same girl twice

She is the truth that’s hard to hear – the mirror and the mask
The method of my madness – the questions I’m afraid to ask
She is both sides to every story – a bedeviled advocate
The line that blurs the boundaries – a shadow and a silhouette
She is the virtue in my vices – the pleasure in my pain
The dawn break, and the twilight, and the secretes in the rain
She’s the fire of temptation in an age obsessed with ice
And she is never, never, never the same girl twice

She struggles with the trust
Faith just isn’t in her cards
Love has not been easy on her
Some lessons have been hard
But I am sure and I am steady
And I’m not letting go
I know who she is
Even when she doesn’t know

She is a law turned criminal – a diamond in the rough
The hideout in plain sight – the bet that can’t be bluffed
She’s laughter through my tears – the levee that bears the storms
The rule that goes unwritten – the ace that’s true to form
She’s the splendor in the every day – the X that marks the treasure
The cadence, and the rhythm, and the beat in every measure
She’s no limit poker in a world that’s throwin’ dice
And she is never never never never never the same girl twice

A subtle pinch of sugar hiding in the spice
A little bit of naughty trying to play nice
Call her anything you like, I’ll just call her mine
‘Cause she is never, never, never the same girl twice