Word Thingys: Salome Strangelove

You’re the pinch in the shoe that otherwise fits
The promise of pearls from the sand and the grit
The ache in the knee that hurts when it rains
The fly on the wall that drives me insane

You’re the once in a blue moon that never occurs
The uncomfortable silence of non sequiturs
The loose thread on a sweater I’m dying to yank
The memory lapse when I’m drawing a blank

You’re like reading Joyce — no one knows what it means
The soup’s oyster crackers when I want saltines
The smirk on the lips of my very first rival
The law of the jungle and it’s fittest survival

You’re the vice in a virtue that’s hidden in plain sight
The wink of forgiveness that’s never once been contrite
The mark of a needle betraying addiction
The bite of the fruit that leads to eviction

You’re the whisper of madness taunting the breeze
The teasing of ecstasy whimpering please
The spine column shiver from the trace of a finger
The musk of the afterglow scent when it lingers

You’re best kept under glass, up on shelves, out of reach
The worst of the habits no one can unteach
The beckoning always but inviting never
The cord of connection I can’t seem to sever

You’re the taste and the hint and the wanting for more
The unfair advantage in love, sex, and war
The impossible peak that warrants the climb
And the very last line in this tormented rhyme