Music: Grace McDunnough
Lyrics: Salome Strangelove

Silk-spun beauty from Asian rains
Your wrists tattooed with daisy chains
What’s a girl like you doing in a scene like this
It’s all neon, it’s all flashing lights
Windmills slayed by half-mad knights
Dancing on the ledge and flirting hard with the abyss
You rule around the top dead center
Overclocked despite the cost
Gypsy moth

Chromatic cloak and hardwood hood
You salt the Earth where you once stood
You change, girl, like the phases of the moon
It’s all passion, it’s all “touch me there”
It hurts and hurts but you don’t care
You’re bathtub gin for breakfast and julep afternoons
You steal the shade to make a spotlight
Consume the canopy despite the cost
Gypsy moth

You think they’re the fools for loving you
They say you’re reckless girl; we know it’s not true
You calculate around them, baby, how you plot and plan
You are destructive
You are untamed
You leave chaos in your wake
You devastate
You desecrate
You give and give and then you take
It all away

Lush and lavish, soft and so intense
Sexy as a cigarette
You’re ten feet tall, girl, up on that silver screen
It’s all mirrors, it’s all fantasy
You cry on cue in ecstasy
You ache so sweet and whisper so obscene
You reveal it all and then cocoon
Seduce the audience and damn the cost
Gypsy moth

When you see it from this point of view
It’s the flame itself that’s drawn to you
You flit about it, baby, how you kiss
You are smoke alarms
You are steam trains
You race until you break
You finger paint
You penetrate
You give and give and then you take
It all away

And you belong to us despite the cost
Gypsy moth