Word Thingys: Salome Strangelove

In the tall grass lost and walking
At once surrounded, voices talking…
A gathering in strange formation
I’ve trespassed on some celebration
So move away, retreat, recede
At first slowly then with speed
No need to specter o’er their feast
That’s not my flavor of social beast
More misanthropic introvert
Uninvited and covert
Jasmine rises gardenia… camellia
A garden scented Bacchanalia
Well…perhaps in vino veritas
Or is it all some double cross
A seedy locked room mystery
Of bound suspects, genuflective missionaries
Enigma clues all tease and scatter
No one disarms the traps, it doesn’t seem to matter
A centerpiece of rose delights
Glittering ‘neath the hot spotlights
We are all rendered captivated
Blushing, wide-eyed, titillated
Howling, transformed by the moon
The pinnacle arrives too soon
Disappointment drips from fang and claw
Then it starts again, until…a-ha
A tender spot beneath the shell
To coax, caress, to surge and swell
Tsunami waves we plunge we roll
So much force, it takes a toll
Thirsty, brine-soaked, out of breath,
Whispered obscene shibboleths
Secret vespers, sacred rites
What madness have I found tonight?
Lunacy without destination
Leaping without hesitation
I crack the glass to let some hope in
End up mesmerized, though eyes wide open
Complicit, now fully compromised
Pressure peered and canonized
The saints are weeping one by one
Their miracles come all undone
Bared before these shameless visions
Shattered ancient superstitions
Tossing salt, and knocks on wood
Maybe we shouldn’t…or…oh… yes, we should
Hide and seek and here and there
You cheat and cheat; you’re so unfair
Is this the end or the beginning
I forget my head is spinning
I’m in the tall grass lost and walking
At once surrounded, voices talking…