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The Dangerous
Music: Lyndon Heart
Lyrics: Salome Strangelove

I like to drive fast with the windows down and the radio insane
But I hate seat belts
I like the ocean when it’s angry from the lightning and the rain
But I hate dry spells
And I like steppin’ out on branches that stretch out way too far
I like how rocky mountain moonshine dances in a mason jar
And I like asking all the questions that’ll walk you to the edge
I like to hurt the things I love and set them free
Oh that’s the dangerous in me

I like a long shot on a wet track and double zero in roulette
But I hate losing
I like the temper of a redhead and the sass of a brunette
But I hate choosing
And I like dying on the hills where no one ever thinks to fight
I like to double down my wrongs and pretend it makes them right
And I like pointing out the flaws in everything that you believe
I like to see what I can twist to what degree
Oh that’s the dangerous in me

Sometimes it’ll leave you lonely; sometimes it’ll drive you mad
Why are the harder things to get always the best there is to have
Well, I don”t make the rules
And that’s a good thing

I like to lay out on the tracks and feel the tremble of the train
But I hate the stink of diesel
I like to get lost on the back roads that lead to towns I’ve never been
But I hate waking up in motels
And I’d like to bury all the things that lead me to regret
All the times and all the places I’m still trying to forget
I like to come home late sometimes just so I can watch you sleep
But how I hate the way you make me face the truth
Oh that’s the dangerous of you

Cover By Grumpy Cyote: