About Gravity
Music: Lyndon Heart
Lyrics: Salome Strangelove

These days I seem to have more questions
About gravity
Or maybe I’m just less afraid to ask
Than that boy in horn-rimmed glasses
Who strummed chords under his desk
And always got detention after class

You’d think for all the years
I’d have more wisdom
Stop playing hide and seek and show and tell
Up on stages, down in trenches
Between bars and cheap motels
Where the secrets wear stilettos
And the wild things rebel

I thought that all I’d have to do was
Bite an apple
And the whole wide world would
Just unfold
Its alchemy and mystery, strip mined and uncontrolled
Not just lightning in a bottle
Where truth gets bought and sold

Oh, I know very little about
How a plane stays in the sky
And I know even less about
What makes the bluebirds fly
I can only tell you things
That matter less and matter more
Why the whiskey burns and what my first girl wore

I can tell you that you must belong
Before you can betray
And you’ll only want to chase the ones
That like to run away

Yeah, I know every story about angels and depravity
But I find these days
I have more questions
About gravity